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happy holidays



a roadmap:

Life can be challenging and i am not always sure how to find the answers to all my questions. How to combine motherhood, designing, working, socializing, networking...the list goes on. We do the best we can. While I do not have a road map to help me find the perfect outlet, i do know that it's found rather than written. In the musicality and handsomeness of well-made objects, and in the sacrifices we make for love and things we believe in. So I believe that without feeling much or discovering anything new, life is as luminous as a cheap modern lamp or a mirror with nothing reflected in it. And I believe that it is possible to learn to "see".

That being said I am so excited to be finally designing again. After devoting a lot of my personal time to Homeopathy i have decided to re-open my etsy shop with whimsical, modern, retro and quirky handmade wall art for the home, nursery or any room embracing happiness.  It's just a hop and a skip to my Black Friday Sale. http://www.etsy.com/shop/IndigoRain

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{laundry list}

here is my laundry list for this week:

1. (mmmh) blueberry pancakes + egg (white) omelette
2. laundry, gentle cycle please
2. write a "thank you" note to a dear friend
3. draft an overdue letter to grandma
4. hunting down special yard sale finds
4. reward myself with flowers
5. ...and a good book
6. whip  up the most delicious turkey dinner and enjoy it with my loved ones.

how about you?

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pure luxury

wishing you all a relaxing weekend.

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Change is good!

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 Lots of changes have taken place in my life and i am embracing every one of them. Even those i am not so proud of. Change is good. It gives us a chance to grow. Have a beautiful day everyone.


How to Kiss a Frog

{everything is easier once you know how to kiss a frog!

{inspired by how to kiss a frog from Stockholm}


Ready. Set. Go.

The home of Toronto based Designer Carolyn Gavin { she is principal designer for ecojot} left me speechless today. She lives with her husband Derek, daughter Lily and English Bulldog Ziggy in a 120 year old Victorian house in a quiet, leafy downtown neighborhood. Her memories of a life filled with exotic color, rich imagery and intense contrast are very alive in her beautiful home.

Ready. Set. Go.
The island has a fun chalkboard covering...
Gypsy Pink is the name of her daughter Lili's room

functionality, light and inspiration comes to mind here.

Have a lovely day everyone!
Be well

At the heart of each of us, whatever our imperfections, there exists a silent pulse of perfect rhythm, which is absolutely individual and unique and yet which connects us to everything else. - Geroge Leonard

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