My girl and I had too much fun today!!


what a treat:

There is nothing like a whimsical mouth-watering bakery. We like to find a new one every weekend. We are bakery lovers! This one immediately took me back in time when i was a little girl. We used to visit a place just like it every Sunday. I can still smell the subtle nutty sweetness of grated coconut, old-fashioned candy, homemade cookies and purity ice cream creations. It was the highpoint of the week when my sister and i shared a layered banana split with double whipped cream (the REAL kind!). And i swear it was even better than listening to crickets buzzing.

Thank you for reading, caring, commenting and...following along. Have a wonderful weekend everyone. I hope you treat yourself! G.

i invite you to share your fondest childhood memories or favorite weekend habits. Can't wait to read it. [Photo Credit: inspacelocations]