{letting go takes love}

just sharing my favorites this morning. have a lovely day everyone!

“ Whatever life takes away from you, let it go. When you surrender and let go of the past, you allow yourself to be fully alive in the moment. Letting go of the past means you can enjoy the dream that is happening right now."
~ don Miguel Ruiz



{Swedish Summers}

I love Sweden in the summer. and i love emmas blogg. then i found images from swedish photographer Annika Vannerus via emma's blog and i had to share a visual taste of the swedish lifestyle with all of you so you can feel what i feel. enjoy!


{Just Hop, Skip and Jump}

you wanna make new friends? {Meet Meryl, Moira, Abe and Bernadette} just "hop skip and jump" but don't fall. :-)


{ the fun is in the detail }

this morning: some of my prints had to be embellished with beautiful fine glitter and then packaged. it's one of my greatest passions. wrapping things. Is that sad? oh well, anyway i take a lot of time and pride in selecting just the right string and the perfect card etc. The last bit of detail is the tiny paper flowers and rhinestone. I know it will all be torn apart as soon as it arrives but i also know it will make my customer smile before they get to the good stuff. :-)

So, while i was busy with all that my daughter Sienna, decided to do her own pretend wrapping and packaging and i looooved the result.

Have a lovely day ladies!


{it's all so simple}

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.

- Hans Hofmann

morning my lovely friends. may you smile today and may your day smile back at you.

via: paulmassey photography


{fast forward}

morning! i know it's only Tuesday with still so much on my to do list for this week. and i am already late for my daughters playgroup and dance class...but when i saw these images via delicatessen + via maryruffle i had to fast forward to the weekend and all i wanted to do was count seashells and feel the sand between my toes.

Wishing you a week full of ocean treasures!



ok, i admit it. i am a junky. i find beauty in old vintage things and enjoy brushing the dust off it all giving them new life and making them unmistakably my own. if there is a junk yard or flea market, chances are you'll find me digging thru the beautiful heirloom treasures. so last weekend i was a happy camper when i found a vintage children's rocking chair with an interesting story a beat up bench from way back when and a rickety old desk... however, i need inspiration when it comes to finding unconventional decorating and organizational tips... because sometimes, when looking at empty walls and open shelves, i am simply overwhelmed.

so here are my picks for you to enjoy:
{bottom image}: Obrien and Schriddle Frames via designaglow
plus i was simply delighted when i found loads of inspiration via visualize + designmilk + sweethomestyle


{a happy day}

yesterday, a day full of silent suns.

my birthday.

8:30am (sparkling blue eyes are singing happy birthday to Mommy - a brand new version)
9:00am (coffee in bed from my sweet hubby)
10:00am (blueberry pancakes + more coffee)
11:00am (a tall handsome orchid - such a poser)
11:30pm (a special gift - the sweetest fairy picture from my little girl)
12:00pm (a phone call from my long time friend Stefan from Germany)
12:20pm (the phone keeps ringing with sweet voices wishing me a happy day.)
1:00pm (package arrives from Germany:-) a George, Gina & Lucy bag)
1:30pm (a late lunch with friends, some shopping)
3:00pm (my best friend Dolly called from Germany- i miss her)
4:00pm (still talking to Dolly and her amazing daughters who really want to see Sienna)
5:00pm (opening more gifts and playtime with Sienna)
6:00pm (a promise from my hubby to get out of town next weekend)
7:00pm (my dear friends Rachel and Jonathan are watching Sienna for a few hours-
i am forever greatful)
8:00pm (shabu shabu dinner with the hubby and hot sake)
9:00pm (enjoying the best meal ever)
10:00pm (time to pick up Sienna. more good times and more wine. she was a good girl. so they say:-)

and today my dear friend Jen will stop by with her incredibly cute girl Julia. our girls really miss each other since Jen moved to Manhattan Beach. i miss both of them. we are taking the girls out to dinner. i am excited to see them.

(sienna really wants to be her big sister i think, she loves her so much. )

thank you to all my friends. i can feel the love.

images from here