White on White

today i feel like running off to France and taking a deep breath at 'La petite Bastide'...
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In tune with nature

What inspires me this Monday morning? living on the rocks, and in tune with nature (island style)...

eclectic kitchens...
patterns in unexpected places and frosted-glass cabinets...

every surface coated in white including floors plus cheery hues {through accessories}...
and of course: tranquility through wood pieces and a mix of soft-toned touches!

when i saw these images i found it hard to tell where art ends and house begins. have a beautiful day everyone...

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{this is one of my favorite people in the world...Sienna. My daughter....so full of energy and life and love. I couldn't have asked for anything more!!! she has a smile that lights up the whole earth. She is so alive. She is happy. She is loved...she brings so much joy to me, that it seems a pity to keep it all to myself.} {here she is having fun with a dear friend of mine who is also a very talented photographer. somehow when Sienna is with her she just lights up.}

{and here is us. enjoying our girl play in the front yard. have you noticed as you get older more things move you to tears? and I am not even a crier.}
What are you t.h.a.n.k.f.u.l. for?


Bathed in Light

Nothing is in good taste unless it suits the way you live.
Billy Baldwin
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{ l i k e } + { w a n t }
{ l i k e }
{ w a n t } + { n e e d }
{ n e e d ! }

{ l i k e } + { w a n t }

this morning i visited { indenfor & udenfor} and became seriously house-jealous after i stopped in. . By the way i found this gem of a site thru by-geisslein, one of my favorite blogs for serious eye candy. Enjoy your day everyone!


A Painting of Words

I think last year has left me slightly giddy and melodramatic. I have neglected this blog and all of you my dear friends. The truth is, I had a lot of family drama to work through, and health issues that seem to have a direct correlation. I do believe that our physical well being is a direct reflection on our emotional and mental state. If i were actually writing about my personal junk here this will be the last post you will read, and you'll be throwing tomatoes at this blog. So, the turmoil has left its traces but I am better now. Life itself is a string of constant gain and loss, but there is something in painful experiences we are taking with us that is precious.

Coincidentally, i found a book or rather it found me. It is called "The Love Ceiling" by Jean Davies Okimoto. It is a story about the pull between family and creative self-expression. It tells of a woman who finds the courage to confront the toxic legacy of her father, a famous artist and cruel narcissist. I am not finished reading it but i can assure you that anyone who has been wrestling with a difficult father will find inspiration and solace in these lucid pages. It is a painting of words.

I am back here at 'A Bit of Whimsy' for good and owe many of you a visit to your inspirational worlds. Thanks for being a part of mine, thank you also for all your nice comments! I really appreciate every single word!!

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