a new world

Ok. I have stopped writing and designing for over a year butI have not stopped enjoying your comments and visits to my blog and am forever grateful. Can we just pretend it never happened?

As you all may know i have been busy practicing homeopathic medicine and finishing up my clinical internship in Berkeley. which means i had to move from L.A to the (beautiful) North Bay area. It has changed my life dramatically. The good news: I have helped a lot of people feel better - which makes me feel better. Secondly, I enjoy the wine country immensely. Not just because I enjoy wine:) It has so much to offer. Fresh air, a serenity and soulfulness that i have not experienced previously. Yes, i miss L.A. occasionally. Maybe it is the spontaneity, the spur-of-the-moment gregariousness of the city where friendships can cross borders of age, nationality and background - some lasting others transient. Creativity bubbles under the surface and can be teased out by anyone with the desire to do so. But the truth is, i never felt home there. Maybe i wanted something more for my little girl, for my family. A feeling of coziness, community, integrity. L.A. has many unique faces but it lacks honesty and it is too generous with its pretentiousness. It's easy to get lost in it.

Somehow when you move to a brand new place and are not in your 20's anymore your believe system gets blown out of the water. Your insecurities magnify. But somehow with my new found love and passion of Homeopathy, and my sweet 5 year old daughter and amazing husband, I was able to shine some light on my values, my depth of character and we took the plunge and moved to Petaluma in Sonoma. Just 40 minutes north of San Francisco. So far nobody is regretting anything! It feels like a new world. And my amazing hubby just rolls with it. We love our new life style. We met beautiful people. There is no disguise here. What you see is what you get. You can find it all: An abundance of charm, antique markets, and victorian homes, rolling hills reminiscent of the english country side, egg farms, stunning coastlines,

simplicity and new friends owning their vulnerability. Life is good.

There is no shortage of antique markets, flea markets and farmer's markets here. The pictures are taken at china camp in the bay area. My daughter and her twin friends pretended to be shipwrecked and with Halloween coming up their imaginations where running wild.

And now i am off to visit all of your beautiful blog worlds to see what you have been up to and to get inspired.

Feel free to visit a journey to health where i let my hair down and talk about anything related to health, detoxing, chronic diseases and homeopathy. If you have any questions - please ask:) I am always happy to hear from you.

be well,