sleepwalking in daylight:

Morning, everyone! another Tuesday, it's 9:00am and i feel like i am sleepwalking in daylight. there are too many projects to tackle and its way too hot already. so i decided to take a walk and just breathe. i have been sleep deprived for about three years and after dropping off my girl at pre-school, i went. looking for things that talk to me and wake me up.

i found beauty and sadness right next to each other. One of my customers who owns "LaPartie", a charming Santa Monica stationery boutique is closing her doors. there you could find greeting cards, personalized invitations, letterhead and specialty papers as well as unique gifts. even though i have recently sold my handmade specialty card company "vivavoxstudio" and am now concentrating on my prints and canvas art (soon available in my etsy store:-) i feel a wave of nostalgia and as much as i enjoyed selling my cards at Whole Foods and Kates Paperie etc., i really cherished the small specialty stores. the ones you visit when buying a card means your heart is in it.

i kept walking to make room for colors of summer that inspire the imagination. and there they were, hidden amongst worn-out shelves and rustic pantries holding fabrics with natural fiber and faded floral designs, at the "Shabby Chic" store, a few steps from LaPartie. you probably know, Shabby is closing its doors for good as well (so sad!). another reminder of the uncertainty that's filling the air all around us. two left over chandeliers where lighting up the room when i walked in. but it is always hard to grasp the finality of major changes in one's life and the shattered dreams that used to belong to someone.

Rachel Ashwell is talking about her hardship on her blog and says that "Shabby still has a beating heart". I love that! and i have no doubt that she will be reinventing her beautiful original idea.

when i finally stopped looking, i found myself standing in front of anthropologie ( another one of my weaknesses). there i saw a lot of uniqueness as usual and suddenly i was reminded of what i needed to do. a beautiful but seat-less chair is asking for a makeover and waiting for me at home. my bed needs to be made and lunch is not cooking itself. oh! and it's time to pick up my girl.

on my way home i could smell the ocean and it just occured to me, we live so close to the beach, and we hardly ever go. maybe that's something i need to change. stop taking it for granted. and who knows, a new sun hat and summer sandals may take me from sleepwalking to daydreaming. i could live with that.

Thanks to all of you for stopping by! have a dreamy day!


sherry lee said...

What a beautiful post Gina. Your thoughts flow as beautifully as the photographs you've added with your words.

It is sad when parts of our past are changing and we look to an uncertain future.

I feel for you with the sleep deprivation. Sleep is often something we take for granted. May your renewed sense of "place" i.e. in visiting the ocean, being at the beach, sandals and a sunhat recharge all of the places you need to feel it.

I miss California. Was there last May for nearly 3 weeks (after a long absence since my first visit) and I'm pining to be back there.

It's too hot where you are today and too cold for me (no furnace and it's 57 in my house...should have heat later today!!).

Elisa said...

This is a beautiful post. It had me reevaluating my life and and day dreaming of my last visit to California.

Hope you are able to get sleep soon. Wishing you rest, relaxation and lots of beautiful day dreams.

Is that a watermelon print dress? Made me smile. :)

Gina @ A bit of whimsy! said...

Sherry Lee:

i love your visits to a bit of whimsy! I am delighted to read your comments. I always appreciate California more so when i have been in Germany (where i am from) or England(where my husband is from) for an extended time. These visits are always inspirational but also make me realize there is no perfect place for me i think. Make sure you stay warm and i hope you have heat soon again. :-)

Gina @ A bit of whimsy! said...
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A "cheery" disposition said...

I love that chair!

Uneekdolldesigns said...

Enjoyd the pictures and love the watermelon skirt!!

down and out chic said...

your children's art work is just delightful.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love that chair!

Anonymous said...

OMG those pictures are awesome! i am totally falling inlove.

following. (=

you have a good day.