keep your windows open:

i am so very sorry for being neglectful here on "a bit of whimsy". truth is i have been so busy with friends and family, and of course work. besides watching my little girl eat way too many chocolate bunnies i have been out taking pretty pictures. i have a real passion for windows. they always seem to reflect something. whether i find myself looking out and wishing I was somewhere else or discovering that gazing out of one is unlocking a wellspring of creativity. i usually see an opportunity . especially when i see one that has been left open.

hope you enjoy my pictures. and i truly hope you had an amazing easter weekend!!


Elisa said...

These photos are absolutely beautiful! I can feel the warm summer breeze. I am wondering if you decided to open another Etsy shop to sell your photography. You really should! :)

sherry lee said...

You have such a soft eye for beauty. Windows are a perfect subject matter for so many reasons, not the least of which they open into something beautiful, or open out to something beautiful. Either way -- they are an entry of possibility!