it's been a while

we spend mother's day like any other day. our little girl woke me up by telling me everything she did yesterday and everything she was going to do today. then she insisted it was time for me to get up. NOW! i found flowers in the bathroom. simple beautiful white flowers. my husband and my daughter picked them outside. so sweet. ah, i remembered now: it's mother's day. then after a quick, tired glance in the mirror i joined the gang for a cozy breakfast they had made for me. pancakes, fruit, eggs - the works. and there were more flowers. roses, this time. but i learned there was even more. my lovelies had planned a picnic.... my day hadn't even begun and it was already perfect. how was your mother's day?
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sherry lee said...

What delightful photographs of your day -- and it sounds simply divine.

My day was lovely...a few little treats for me and then dinner at my mother-in-law's to pamper her a little.

Margarita said...

Very beautiful - so gorgeous! Sounds like you had a great day!

Caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

I loved your Mother's day Gina! There is no better gift for me than flowers, if they are simple jasmine flowers... better yet!

drollgirl said...

how fantastic! you are so lucky, and i hope they treat you like a queen always!

A bird in the hand said...

Gina, I could move into your blog and live there happily ever after!

Colette :-)