kreative blogger award:

i just learned that I received the "Kreativ Blogger Award". Thank you Elisa! I was honored to receive this award from Elisa, she is a very talented and creative artist who inspires me everyday. Her blog "peskycatdesign" is delightful and fun. she makes the most beautiful bags. you must check out her Etsy shop, for the most unique creations!
Being given this "Kreativ Blogger Award" means I must now choose seven things I love and seven blogs I love. So here we go: (and this time i will try to obey the rules - and only list "7" of my favorite blogs!)

seven things i L.O.V.E.:

1. my family. getting to know our "little girl". watching her blossom, take on the world and chase her dreams. watching her smile her infectious smile. looking at her sleeping. hearing her say "mommy love you more"...just listening to her.
2. my amazing friends.
3. making a mess with paint and basically just making a mess out of most things.
4. eating (anything!) (OK, i am not crazy about chopped liver:-(!)
5. anything that makes me smile (when i don't feel like smiling).
6. the texture and taste of a foreign place. (i love traveling anywhere new)
7. unpretentious people.
8. saffron scented erasers

oops! i broke the rules again. i really ment to list just "7".

seven blogs i L.O.V.E. :

i am glad i get to pick another 7 of my favorite blogs (in addition to the 20 i picked below:)

1. mati rose
2. MoniqueDuke
3. Anmutig
4. Zest & Thyme
5. Restee Reveuse
6. Everyday Possibilities
7. fine little love

The above blogs are created by wonderful people who do wonderful things that inspire me! They are all nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award by me and are welcome to list their favs as well. You are all welcome to use the Kreativ Blogger Award logo as well!


mati rose said...

wow, thanks for the award! honored :) your blog is gorgeous and inspiring. xo

Elisa said...

Your award is so well deserved Gina! I look forward to all your new posts. I know they will make me smile and be inspired by life. You have such an eye and heart for beautiful things!

Loved reading about all your favorites. I have no idea how saffron erasers smell so you got me very curious. I look forward to checking out the blogs you listed.


Jessie Cacciola said...

you are so sweet. thank you SO much!! xo