what's wrong with a dog?

Mother doesn't want a dog.
Mother says they smell,
And never sit when you say sit,
Or even when you yell.
And when you come home late at night
And there is ice and snow,
You have to go back out because
The dumb dog has to go.

Mother doesn't want a dog.
Mother says they shed,
And always let the strangers in
And bark at friends instead,
And do disgraceful things on rugs,
And track mud on the floor,
And flop upon your bed at night
And snore their doggy snore.

Mother doesn't want a dog.
She's making a mistake.
Because more than a dog, I think
She will not want this snake.

Judith Viorst

from "Poetry to make you smile" foreward by Jane O.Wayne
[photo credit: Paul Costello, Melanie Acevedo via domino]


glitterbygrammie said...

I love the poem. I ahve 3 dogs and wouldn't know what to do without them. The are large dogs and love to sleep on my bed. I sleep on the couch. LOL

caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

lovely poem, darling! I always said I wouldn't have a dog, for all the things on the poem. I have a dog. She is so cute and sweet! I always say I will never have any other dog again... who believes me? xo

Geisslein said...

Hey, welcome back in blogland - I´ve missed your posts! And I have a dog too - and I love her so so much!

Queenie said...

Hi Gina
Loved the poem made me smile and oh so true but i have 2 mad pooches and luv them to bits.

Pesky Cat Designs said...
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Pesky Cat Designs said...

Welcome back Gina! I missed you. This post put a big smile on my face. Yes, dogs are a lot of work but they are worth it. Perhaps a little dog will track a little less mud and snore a little quieter. lol I had a dog growing up. Now I have a cat since they did not allow dogs where I live. I never thought I would like cats but now I LOVE them! Anni doesn't track mud or snore, but she does shed and makes a lot of noise when she wants food. :)

Elizabeth said...

Love this poem. It's seldom that one makes me smile like this one did :)


Lovely words...Charmed by the visual delights as well~ cuuute!

Ieva said...

lovely blog, got me inspired in many ways. Keep it up. btw, I really like the layout:)

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

love these pics of the doggies!!!


Laura said...

Love the blog, it's wonderful! So glad to have you in my google reader. xxx


mart and lu said...

so sweet! what a lovely blog you have!

Sara Bradshaw said...

Merry Christmas. I had the best Christmas and added to it was my little sister's gorgeous wedding - here are the pics: http://www.cricketwife.com/2009/12/french-wedding-in-tasmania.html
Have a great new year xx

Gina @ A bit of whimsy! said...

A warm 'thank you' to all my lovely visitors and friends. Thank you for your loyalty, kindness and encouragment. Wishing all of you an enriching 2010 with good health and beautiful memories.

jack + jenn said...

The dogs in the photographs are so precious! What a beautiful blog you have here =0).


jenna said...

I like the poem and the pictures a lot. I miss having a dog.