her latest flame:

Today, I had to remind myself again how precious and fragile life is. The news of Natasha Richardson's tragic death floored me. So I made a pact with myself (and every time something tragic happens I do this): Not to sweat the small stuff anymore. Don't forget to laugh - out loud! Life is too short. No more stressing over the fact that my daughter doesn't eat vegetables or fruit. (and, yes I have tried cutting the cucumber into funny faces. At some point i have even glued a carrot to my nose and pretended i was pinocchio). The truth is we can always find something to smile about.

Most memorable events in life begin without cognizance of their significance. We are so consumed and rushed everyday that it's easy to forget what really matters to us. When i found this photograph of my little girl holding hands with her cousin Liam at the northern see in Hamburg/Germany (two years ago) i couldn't believe that it had found its way into the bottom of my closet shelf.

From now on, instead of tossing things where they don't belong, i will make an effort of saying "Look at the way the waves from that small rock run all the way to the shore".

(are you smiling yet?)

"Her latest flame"

My sister drags her boyfriends home to meet us
Subjects them all to family scrutiny
They disappear for hours up in her bedroom
Then disappear for ever after tea

Where love's concerned, Ella is like a Mountie
Fierce and direct, she always gets her boy
Dad says that she's a 'shamless little hussy',
Dumping each suitor like a broken toy

Ella can't see what we all find so funny
Boys are like fish to her, there's plenty more
Love is a game to girls like Ella
Perhaps it's because she's only four

Lindsay Macrae

[From "Poetry to make you smile",found at Anthropologie]


KG Nowak said...

Beautiful post about the fragility of life. It's difficult to remember that everyday is a gift.

Elisa said...

Beautiful post that made me take a step back and appreciate the wonderful things in my life. Thank you.

naturally nina said...

beautifully said, and i wrote about the same stuff today. funny!

Countrywindows said...

Yes a very nice post you have made. It does make you think how fast,most of the time you come into the world, and see how fast you can leave the world! Smell the flowers, and catch a rainbow or sunset!

Caroline @ Absolutely Unique said...

So beautiful post, Gina! It's a pity we only remember this when something tragic happens... Thank you for reminding us to smile more often.