a simple walk:

Hmmm, what should we do today?
Take a walk, do homework, read "Little Nutbrown Hare" or just play dress-up?
To be honest, after last week I wish I could spend the day just dreaming . So we did just that.

But first, Sienna and I took a simple walk to the thrift shop just around the corner from our house. We took a pledge to leave the car in the garage today! Let's see what we will find. It didn't take us long, a vintage chair screamed at us. Begging to be taken home. It was cute, just a tad too grubby. Not that we needed one - we have waaay too many. (We love chairs!) Sienna decided it needed a make-over. And off we went. What color should we paint it? PINK, of course! You may need to sit down for this. It feels like a warm hug from your mom, when you take something old and make it look...splendid!

Now it's time to relax. Wait. Not without a reward: We made yummy muffins. They tasted like peanut butter with a sprinkle of quirky fun on top.


drollgirl said...

oh it sounds like fun!

Whimsical Creations said...

how fun!

Just Harris said...

I know that feeling, turning something old to something new. That's exactly the feeling when we finish a project on our year old house!

By the way, your little girl is cute as a button!


Brandon said...

Sounds like you had a great day!
Mmmmm Muffins :)

Pfeiffer Photos said...

Very nice blog--your banner is lovely. Found you on Etsy. :)

hollyzhobby said...

What a doll!

Sasha said...

Love the name of your daughter!!!
sounded like a perfect day with her!

Anonymous said...

love your posts :)