a flicker of a moment:

A lot of my ideas come from notes and sketches I made during my travels to England, Greece and Spain. I have lived in Europe half of my life and have known these places but every time I visit, I seem to re-discover them. Sometimes my ideas come from things people say, a half-lit church or from something as simple as a dandelion. My daughter's imagination and spirit continues to inspire me. So does a flicker of a moment, a dusty memory or the texture and taste of a foreign place.

But there is one special place in my heart - a Spanish island, called Lanzarote. My parents took my sister and I to visit the island when we were little. I recently returned with my husband but this time we were fortunate enough to take our daughter along to discover the artistic gardens, cactus plantations and colorful groves. Along the coastline one can see the naked, black, dry, sunburned sand and hear the volcanoes breathing. One evening we strolled past a striking old fa├žade that enveloped a picturesque courtyard. There were Natives singing, enjoying meals and drinking wine. All these foreign faces were smiling at us while shuffling to squeeze us in. We sat down on a long wooden bench amongst these strangers and let their tender hearts grab hold of us. Barefoot kids were playing and giggling everywhere. We danced, sang and dined on Papas ( 'wrinkly' potatoes boiled in sea water) and Puchero (Vegetable Stews). There was a lot of laughter. We couldn’t understand a word anyone was saying, yet the air was filled with promise and harmony. Our daughter had the best time with her new little friends and before she fell asleep on my lap that evening, she whispered: “Mommy, this moon is so much bigger than ours”. This experience was like a love-letter. And ever since receiving it, I have been trying to write back.

After we had returned home to Santa Monica, we took a stroll again and this time my daughter said, “Mom, can you make a wish upon a big moon?” Sometimes I wish I could hold on to those moments forever. “Where do wishes go”? One wonders.

What inspires you?

[photo credit: Gret@Lorenz, jeroen020's ,Doblonaut]


sherry lee said...

Your words paint an amazing picture...I can "feel" what you have written.

Inspiration is everywhere...we only have to look and I do, every day. It can be something large or something incredibly small..you only have to look...and not just with your eyes.

Elisa said...

I always look forward to getting transported to a beautiful place reading your posts. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences and travels. Your blog is among my favorites. :)

ArtMind said...

Well, I'm new to your blog but I'm sure that it WILL inspire me! Thanks for this beautiful story! Spanish people are SO warmhearted and full of life! When I retire, I want to live in Granada - it stole my heart!
I wish your daughter a big moon...

Raven said...

Europe is so inspirational...I was fortunate to be able to travel there a lot too. We're thankful that your travels and your daughter will supply you with never ending inspiration that you can share with us. :)